Established in 2003, EnviroSystems Engineering and Technology Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on new type vacuum drainage technology, sewage and  wastes resources recycling technology, as well as ecological town construction technology. EnviroSystems provides solutions in several fields, including solutions for sewage and wastes treatment in new rural construction, solutions for sewage zero discharge and wastes resources recycling in new residences and city-building, solutions for energy conservation and emission reduction, solutions for sludge and wastes resources recycling, and solutions for restoring contaminated surface water and soil.  

By the end of 2012, EnriroSystems’ total field patents increased to more than 50. Our core technologies have applied in dozens of projects, some of which are first domestic projects, some of which get honors, these enabled us the lead in environmental protection field.

General manager Dr. Zhang Jian is an expert in environmental protection field, awarded Beijing Overseas Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Special Contribution, Beijing Overseas Talents of High Level.